Fishing Trips


Whitby is blessed with having the most rough ground or “reef” fishing anywhere around the British Isles. We only have to travel a couple of miles out and we are on some of the best ground marks anywhere along the North East coast. These ground marks stretch out beyond 20 miles to sea and can be a haven for the best Cod and Ling fishing you will ever see!

The rough ground also provides us with other great species such as Halibut, Haddock, Pollack, Whiting, and of course everyone’s favourite barbecue fish, the Mackerel. The Mackerel fishing here at Whitby can be the best around the British Isles too. They usually start running around the end of May to the end of October. Some great sport to be had then.

The more prolific species such as the Cod and Ling can be caught 12 months of the year here at Whitby. The way we target these species can vary depending on the time of year.
If the water stays clear we can catch the Cod and Ling on the artificial lures such as shads and sidewinders etc. If the water is a bit cloudy after a storm or suchlike then we alter our approach and fish with the bait. Squid, Lugworm, Mussel and crab cart are always a favourite among the anglers.

During the heart of the winter months we also do a lot of “Uptiding” This is where we are working no more than a few hundred yards from the shore with the boat laying at anchor.
This is a very relaxing way to fish and can produce some lovely fish. All the fish caught this way are on the baited rigs.


The wreck fishing at Whitby is also as good as anywhere around the country. A bit like the ground marks here we are blessed with hundreds of wrecks which are as close as 1/2 mile from the harbour!!

In the Summer time we are often seen working these more inshore wrecks and can catch some terrific fish from them. Ling to over 30 lbs have been taken from these wrecks over the years and also some big Cod too. A few years ago we won one of the Summer fishing competitions here at Whitby with a lovely Cod over 20 lbs in weight. The angler took over £5000.00 in prize money!!!

There are literally hundreds of wrecks scattered across the area here at Whitby. Some are small wrecks, some are huge and we even have a sunken oil rig to work on the smaller tides. This is around 18 miles from the shore and has produced some monster fish over the years!!

The wrecks here produce some great Pollack fishing too through the season. A few years ago, a Pollack won the 1st prize in our Spring angling competition. The angler swooping a lovely £1000.00 for his catch!!

Because the Shy-Torque is the fastest of the charter boats currently working from Whitby, we can get you to the offshore wrecks faster than any of the other boats here.

Whichever option we (or you) choose on the day, be it wrecking or rough ground fishing, we can guarantee you the angler that we will be working our socks off to try and find you the fish and hopefully get you your personal best fish too. We have had a lot of those over the years too!!

Myself and Adam my Son look forward to sailing with you all real soon.